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November 15, 2014

Zoya Lo Swatch (From the Gossip Collection)

When the Zoya Gossip Collection first came out, initially none of the polishes really struck my fancy at first glance so I didn't run out and order any, but I happened to scoop up Lo during the last Earth day promo and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Lo is a gorgeously bright creme pink nail polish that is perfect for summer. Thanks to our unusually cool May weather here, I can't be certain, but I've got a feeling it would look even more awesome next to tan skin!

Pink Zoya Nail Polish Lo
For these swatches, this is 2 coats of Zoya Lo with a Seche Vite topcoat to give it a nice shine. I found the polish to be very opaque, and not streaky at all, which is definitely a plus! These pictures were taken outside in natural sunlight to help give a better idea of the exact shade of the nail polish.
Pink Zoya Nail Polish Lo
I'm not sure why, but it seems like no matter how many pink nail polishes I buy, I can always convince myself like no two are alike and this is no exception. I love the way it's soft, yet bright. In fact, I was just saying how I wanted to do another look for the blog this weekend but I love this color so much I don't even want to take it off! Here are a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Pink Zoya Nail Polish Lo 
Pink Zoya Nail Polish Lo
Zoya Lo is available on the official Zoya website and currently retails for $8.00.

April 23, 2013

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition Swatches and Review

I finally received my Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition, and I can definitely say that they arrived not a moment too soon! I don't think I could take much more daily mailbox stalking! Let me tell you, these new polishes are well worth the wait. One of the best things about the Pixiedust nail polishes is the fact that you are really getting two nail polishes in one.

You can use the Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition as intended (without a base or top coat) and you will be left with a textured, matte, and sugary finish which is very on trend right now; or you may choose to add a topcoat such as Seche Vite, which will bring out all the sparkle and shine of the nail polish collection and give it a high gloss finish. 

For your viewing pleasure, I've snapped a few pics of each of the new Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition nail polishes, both with and without a topcoat so that you can compare for yourself.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition - Stevie

STEVIE - Stevie is a gorgeous light violet polish with tons of silvery sparkles. This is one of my top pics from the collection for sure, as I would wear it regularly both as a matte and with a glossy topcoat. Once the topcoat is applied, the depth of the polish really starts to shine through. The pretty pastel shade is perfect for Summer, but also demure enough to wear during Spring as well. I know this polish will definitely be in my regular rotation.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition - Liberty

LIBERTY - Liberty is, in a word... gorgeous. I absolutely love the shade of this bright blue nail polish. While I do enjoy it in its natural, matte pixiedust form, I have to admit that I am a complete sucker for what it becomes once I added a topcoat of Seche Vite. The only way to describe it is like having the complete depths of a stunning blue ocean on my fingertips. The sparkle really comes alive with the topcoat, and seems to shift shades when the sunlight hits it from certain angles. This is a must have, and my number one favorite from the collection.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition - Miranda

MIRANDA - Miranda can best be described as a pretty rose colored nail polish with tiny plum undertones. I have always considered myself someone that cannot pull off the look of certain shades of rose polish, but this one seems to go along with my skin just right. Following in the footsteps of the previous Zoya Pixiedust swatches, Miranda is also quite stunning both as a matte Pixiedust and with a shiny topcoat. I loved the way the glitter flakes become more present with the topcoat, but also enjoy the bright and sugary matte finish as well. This particular shade is wonderful for Summer, but would also transition perfectly into Fall.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition - Beatrix

BEATRIX - Beatrix is, in my opinion, one of the ultimate Summer shades. The colors of orange and tangerine are so on trend right now, and this nail polish fits in perfectly. I love how bright and eye catching it is. When applied without topcoat, Beatrix is a lighter tangerine color with hidden sugary sparkles. Once topcoat is applied the shade seems to deepen a bit to a darker and warmer shade of orange, but the color change is well worth the trade for the depth the polish gains. This one would be perfect with a light and airy white outfit for a day out in the Summer sun.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition - Destiny

DESTINY - Destiny is lovely bright color that I would describe as being halfway between a coral and a red. While I do enjoy the overall shade of the nail polish, I'm not so sure that this shade loves me back. I noticed that it seemed to look a bit funny against my particular skin tone, but I think it would look absolutely amazing of I spotted the shade on someone else. I'm not sure if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but I kept noticing little golden undertones that were very pretty when the sun would hit my nails and pick up the foil flecks. I can see this color becoming quite popular once the warm weather hits around here.

SOLANGE - Solange is the final swatch in the Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition, and it is definitely last but not least.  Zoya states that this particular nail polish features an exclusive gold pigment, and I'm not sure exactly what that means, but what I do know is that when they say gold, they mean gold. Based on the pictures I saw, I expected this gold metal foil polish to be more yellowy than golden, but it really looks like someone shaved down a bar of gold and planted it right on the tops of my nails. There was not a dramatic difference in the overall look of this polish once I added the topcoat, but it is noticeably different and appears to have more depth, much like the other swatches.

Overall, I'd have to say that Zoya has done it again with the Pixiedust Summer Edition polishes. I'm so glad that I went ahead and purchased the entire collection. I know that I will be putting each and every one of these to good use in the upcoming months. All I know is that Zoya has really set the scene, so I'm hoping they will blow my socks off by creating  fantastic Fall and Winter editions. I can't get enough of the Pixiedust formula, and don't see my obsession fading away anytime soon.

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition polishes can be purchased directly on and retail for $9 each.


April 16, 2013

China Glaze Aquadelic and Sinful Colors Lush Life

Today I have two gorgeous blue nail polishes to share with you all! After being on vacation in beautiful, sunny Florida I needed a manicure that would bring some of the beach home with me. This combination of aqua colored nail polish and bright micro and hexagon sparkles definitely did the trick!
China Glaze Aquadelic 
Polishes used: China Glaze - Aquadelic and Sinful Colors - Lush Life. Seche Vite topcoat.
The camera truly can't capture the real life sparkle of this nail polish combo. In the light, the polishes have depth and sparkle just like gorgeously clear water. Perfect for a summer day at the beach! Would you wear this?


March 24, 2013

Swatch Alert - Revlon Girly

Recently I was lucky enough to come across Revlon Girlie during my mini haul at Rite Aid and I just couldn't resist scooping it up. Let me tell you, boy am I glad that I did! It is definitely deserving of it's name, this polish is such a pretty light purple and so packed with glitter to boot. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Now I know I told you I'd let the picture speak for itself, but I just can't resist saying a few words on its behalf. Revlon Girly is like an amazing jelly sandwich in a bottle. 

For those that are not familiar with this term, in the wide world of nail polish, a jelly sandwich is a fun manicure style that consists of a layer of sheer polish, then a layer of sparkly glitter, and then another layer of sheer polish to top it off. If you're looking for all of the jelly sandwich results with none of the homemade jelly sandwich work, here it is!


March 14, 2013

Ruby Kisses - Teal Envy

Thanks to a one day warmup here, I got a major megadose of Spring fever this week. I decided it was definitely time to bust out and dust off some of my trusty brights. Out of all of them, Ruby Kisses Teal Envy is one of my absolute faves! This color is the most perfect shade of bright blue I could ever dream of, pictures simple to do not it justice. Once I found it, I immediately went and bought 5 backups. If you're into brights like I am, this is a MUST HAVE!

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy


February 10, 2013

Swatch and Learn : Zoya Pixie Dust!

Today I want to bring you some swatches from the brand new Zoya Pixie Dust Collection! Once dry, every polish has a matte sparkle finish with a very textured effect. One thing I learned about myself while swatching these is that I am an EXTREMELY fickle polish lover! 

Every polish I seemed to love more than the last. While each polish was on my nails, it was like no other polish in the world ever existed. I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't warn you, tread lightly with these, you may not ever want to wear another collection again!


First up is my personal favorite of the collection - Dahlia. 
I know I know, I already admitted I'm fickle but I have truly deliberated and chose this as the one I love the most. I literally feel as if angels flew down from heaven with crushed black diamonds in their hands and placed them directly on my nails. The picture DOES NOT show the true sparkle of these. They are amaze-balls. Trust me, you want it.
Zoya Dahlia
Zoya - Dahlia
Secondly, I want to show off Godiva. 
The polish is a beautiful pale cream color, and reminds me of sparkly sand from an exotic beach. The sparkle effect is not as intense with Godiva, due to the lightness of the shade. There really isn't enough contrast to let the sparkle shine through at all times, but in the right light it is definitely eye catching.
Zoya Godiva
Zoya - Godiva
Next we have NYX, which is a gorgeous shade of periwinkle.
When it dried, it really reminded me of sugared candy crystals. I love that the color is so perfect for Springtime too! I found that in certain light is has more of a purple tint to it, and in other light it can look slightly more blue.
Zoya NYX
Zoya - NYX
Vespa is a soft muted green that I found just as wonderful as the rest. 
I love that the color is so soft and pastel, at first glace and then the sparkle sets in like BAM!
Zoya Vespa
Zoya - Vespa
The brightest color of the bunch is Chyna. 
I typically don't love the look of red polish on me too much, but once this was on, it won me over. You can really see the texture of the polish in this swatch too. Once dry, it doesn't have a gritty feeling at all like I suspected it would.
Zoya Chyna
Zoya - Chyna
Another favorite of mine from the group is London. 
In general, I LOVE the color gray and this is no exception. London reminds me of a thick fog on a snowy day with the way the sparkle peeks through the polish. I would definitely wear this one on a daily basis, it is simply gorgeous!
Zoya London
Zoya - London
A few words of advice - Definitely make sure to wrap the tips of your nails with this collection. If you forget, you will find it to be very noticeable after it dries. I wrapped each nail and let the polish set for a few minutes, then lightly tapped the edges so that it was all even and patted down. 

Once dry, the glitter does not fall off and it doesn't have a gritty feeling at all like I suspected it would. I actually enjoyed the feeling of running my fingers over the polish!  

When using the Pixie Dust polishes, it is recommended that you apply 2-3 coats without any base or top coat. Applying top coat will nullify the textured finish and give you any entirely new look with a sparkly shine. Basically, you get two polishes in one - Bonus!

The collection sells for $9.00 per bottle and is available now on

February 4, 2013

Indie Alert - Model City Spring 2013 Collection

I am so glad that I finally got a chance to swatch the brand new Spring 2013 collection from Model City! These polishes look amazing in the bottle, but I had no idea just how amazing they were until I got them on my fingers. The holographic effects are amazing, and the pastels are perfect for Spring! For full opacity, I used 3 coats of each polish and then finished with a Seche Vite topcoat.

Model City Polish
{Pretty In Pink}
Model City Polish
{You Blue Me Away}

Model City Polish
{I Lilac What You Did There}
Model City Polish
{Orange You Just Peachy}
Model City Polish
{Anti Establish Mint}
Model City polishes are available in two sizes. Mini ($4.00) and Full ($8.00) and can be purchased via Esty. Keep up with latest Model City news on Facebook, and on their official blog.

January 29, 2013

Indie Alert - Carnival In Rio by KraftyGurlDesigns

- Birthday Party of 5 -

If my fingernails were celebrating a birthday, this is definitely what they would wear for their big night out on the town. I feel like confetti just fell from the sky and landed perfectly in all the right spots with this Indie polish from KraftyGurlDesigns. It's a party on my hands and you're invited!


1 coat of Carnival In Rio over Essie - A Crewed Interest

Carnival in Rio by KraftyGurlDesigns is a mix of yellow, teal, and hot pink glitters suspended in a clear base. I found that the glitters were super easy to place as desired just by manipulating the brush strokes, which is important if you are anything like me and find that you are super particular about the placement of glitter on each of your fingernails. 

The colors are bright and vibrant, and the glitter is solvent resistant so there is no risk of bleeding or fading either. I layered the glitter over Essie's A Crewed Interest, but in my opinion this glitter would also look fantastic and really pop with a black or white base. I just love it!

Carnival In Rio retails for $6.50 and is available through KraftyGurlDesigns on Etsy


January 26, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 06: Violet

 -A Little Bit Of Purple Passion For Zoya Aurora-

By my own admission, I have never been a huge fan of violets or purples in general, so in all honesty I was not entirely looking forward to the color of today's challenge. (I know, I know...Please direct all hate mail to 

I'll understand if you feel the need to make a voodoo doll with my name on it after reading that confession. If there is one thing I've learned in my 30 years on this colorful Earth it's that people are passionate about their purples.

If you're still reading, I have great news! There's no need to track me down and cover me in purple paint in a fit of rage! Luckily, my Zoya haul from the 2013 promotion arrived in my mailbox today, and included was Aurora - an intensely sparkly and holographic wonder of a polish - perfect for today's theme! I think these pictures speak for themselves:

Zoya Aurora
Zoya Aurora

January 24, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 04: Green

Gorgeously Green

Day 4, here we are with green. Today's color is a bit bitter-sweet for me... I'll start with the sweet part. Sweet because it just happens to be my absolute favorite color, and also one of my wedding colors! I laboriously worked to pick out the perfect polish in the exact shade of green that I adore to show you today, and came up with Revlon's Posh. 

Now for the bitter part of today's challenge. In my excitement, I for some reason opened the bottle like an angry gorilla eating a banana after a week long fast and splattered polish all over my favorite white blanket... what sadness. How could I be betrayed by something I love so much? Nooooooo! I'll never look at you the same, wonderful green polish, never.

On the upside, I was able to get some great daylight shots that really show the true color of this polish. If you're in need of a good green, consider Posh.

Revlon Posh
Revlon Posh
Revlon Posh
3 Coats of Revlon - Posh
Could we have a moment of silence for this wonderful blanket that sacrificed  perfection for this manicure to be possible? <Insert silence here> R.I.P white blanket. You served me well.


January 23, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 03: Yellow

Before I get to debuting day 3, let me first just say that I blame this manicure completely for giving me a hefty dose of Spring fever today, while in reality it's a snowy, blustery 2 degrees outside. At least for the time being I can look down at my cheery nails and imagine I'm sprawled out on warm sandy beach somewhere with a drink in my hand, so that  gives me a miniscule amount of comfort. 

Now let's get down to business...

 2 Coats of China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky

In all fairness, I really think yellow polishes have a habit of getingt the shaft from a lot of people, myself included. I think this polish changed that for me. This is 2 coats of China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky with Seche Vite on top. 

There is another China Glaze polish called Sunshine Pop that is extremely similar in color, however that polish has a shimmery sheen to it, while this is just pure yellow color. Personally, I prefer the pure brightness of this shade. 
I will definitely be working this color into the rotation more often once Summer hits!


January 21, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 01: Red

 Wet N Wild - Everybody Loves Redmond

While out and about today, I picked up a bottle of Wet N Wild - Everybody Loves Redmond because, well because it's a lovely red and everybody knows I can't pass up a polish with a good pun for a name. 

Everybody Loves Redmond is a thick, red creme polish with orange undertones that covers well with only 2 coats. The color becomes a bit deeper with an added 3rd coat, but that is really just a matter of personal preference and not necessary at all. Be extra careful with this one to polish carefully, I did notice that the red is very potent and will definitely bleed over and stain the skin and cuticles if not cleaned up right away.

In person, the color reminds me of being in elementary school and drawing fire on my notebook paper by rubbing the red crayon on top of the orange crayon to get that perfect firey blend.

The 1st three pics are with the flash, and the last picture is without flash to show the orangeness of the polish.

Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond
Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond
Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond
Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond


Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic - Polar Opposites

Honestly, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed in this Sinful Colors magnetic polish. It simply just did not meet my expectations, and all I really expected was for it to look somewhat like the advertisement. Admittedly, I am a novice user of magnetic polishes, but I personally believe that nail polish should not be something that requires expertise. 

I know you're thinking, "Oh, it can't be that bad... show us!" but trust me, it is. It's B-A-D, bad. Bad enough I even thought to myself I must have done something wrong and ended up taking all the polish off and trying again not once, not twice, but THRICE times. (Yes, that's the fancy way of saying three) Each result was pretty much the same, meh.

Since we're all friends here, I'm going to share my embarrassment with you. Trust me, I'm only doing this for you, if it were anyone else, no way Jose! Look below at your own risk!
 Sinful Colors - Polar Opposites
 Sinful Colors - Polar Opposites
 Sinful Colors - Polar Opposites

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January 15, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

It's a cold, damp, and dreary day here, and while I usually try to combat the bad weather blues with bright sunshiney colors, today I just felt like embracing those falling raindrops with a grey, turquoise and black manicure. 

I started by giving all my nails a healthy base coat with Seche Clear, and then grabbing my O.P.I French Quarter For Your Thoughts and covering each nail with two coats, allowing them to dry between. 

Once dry, I freehand painted the just the tips of my pinky, middle, pointer and thumb with Orly Liquid Vinyl, which just happens to be my absolutely favorite go-to black, so I love finding ways to incorporate it into my manicures!

After this, I felt like jazzing up my ring finger a bit by adding a  happy little "cloud" theme with Orly Green With Envy and Orly Liquid Vinyl. (Did anyone else just get a flashback of Bob Ross's voice in their head when they read the words "happy little cloud?" Good, me too. RIP Rossmasta!)

To finish off the look, I grabbed my dotter tool and decided on three tiny little drops of Orly Green With Envy on my pointer finger. 

Topped off with Seche Vite, I think this mani could hold up in any weather! 

(If Mother Nature's reading, just take my word for it. Let's not put that to the test, ok?)


January 12, 2013

Swatch Alert - China Glaze Atlantis

China Glaze Atlantis is an amazing mix of blue/green holographic micro glitters that will make you feel like your fingernails belong on a magical mermaid of the sea. Ah-Maze-Ing. The picture does not do justice for just how much it shines in bright light. China Glaze Atlantis is a must add to your polish collection, but get it while you can, it's becoming more and more difficult to find!

China Glaze Atlantis
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