February 10, 2013

Swatch and Learn : Zoya Pixie Dust!

Today I want to bring you some swatches from the brand new Zoya Pixie Dust Collection! Once dry, every polish has a matte sparkle finish with a very textured effect. One thing I learned about myself while swatching these is that I am an EXTREMELY fickle polish lover! 

Every polish I seemed to love more than the last. While each polish was on my nails, it was like no other polish in the world ever existed. I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't warn you, tread lightly with these, you may not ever want to wear another collection again!


First up is my personal favorite of the collection - Dahlia. 
I know I know, I already admitted I'm fickle but I have truly deliberated and chose this as the one I love the most. I literally feel as if angels flew down from heaven with crushed black diamonds in their hands and placed them directly on my nails. The picture DOES NOT show the true sparkle of these. They are amaze-balls. Trust me, you want it.
Zoya Dahlia
Zoya - Dahlia
Secondly, I want to show off Godiva. 
The polish is a beautiful pale cream color, and reminds me of sparkly sand from an exotic beach. The sparkle effect is not as intense with Godiva, due to the lightness of the shade. There really isn't enough contrast to let the sparkle shine through at all times, but in the right light it is definitely eye catching.
Zoya Godiva
Zoya - Godiva
Next we have NYX, which is a gorgeous shade of periwinkle.
When it dried, it really reminded me of sugared candy crystals. I love that the color is so perfect for Springtime too! I found that in certain light is has more of a purple tint to it, and in other light it can look slightly more blue.
Zoya NYX
Zoya - NYX
Vespa is a soft muted green that I found just as wonderful as the rest. 
I love that the color is so soft and pastel, at first glace and then the sparkle sets in like BAM!
Zoya Vespa
Zoya - Vespa
The brightest color of the bunch is Chyna. 
I typically don't love the look of red polish on me too much, but once this was on, it won me over. You can really see the texture of the polish in this swatch too. Once dry, it doesn't have a gritty feeling at all like I suspected it would.
Zoya Chyna
Zoya - Chyna
Another favorite of mine from the group is London. 
In general, I LOVE the color gray and this is no exception. London reminds me of a thick fog on a snowy day with the way the sparkle peeks through the polish. I would definitely wear this one on a daily basis, it is simply gorgeous!
Zoya London
Zoya - London
A few words of advice - Definitely make sure to wrap the tips of your nails with this collection. If you forget, you will find it to be very noticeable after it dries. I wrapped each nail and let the polish set for a few minutes, then lightly tapped the edges so that it was all even and patted down. 

Once dry, the glitter does not fall off and it doesn't have a gritty feeling at all like I suspected it would. I actually enjoyed the feeling of running my fingers over the polish!  

When using the Pixie Dust polishes, it is recommended that you apply 2-3 coats without any base or top coat. Applying top coat will nullify the textured finish and give you any entirely new look with a sparkly shine. Basically, you get two polishes in one - Bonus!

The collection sells for $9.00 per bottle and is available now on Zoya.com


  1. I have to say, not only are those colors gorgeous, but I am jealous of how consistently perfect your pictures are. Good on you for keeping up a fantastic blog, and for having absolutely beautiful nails! :)

    1. Thanks for that! It's so much trial and error, LOL. Sometimes I take 40 or 50 pics to get one I like. I don't mind though it's a labor of love!

  2. Vespa is stunning to me. I neeeed it! :P That one and Nyx is going on my wishlist! So pretty! Also, I kind of feel dumb for saying this but what does wrapping the tips of your nails do/mean?

    1. It truly is gorgeous! Wrapping the tips means to be sure to pull the polish brush all the way to the tip of the nail, and then across the flat edge at the end of the nail so the polish completely wraps the entire nail. It helps prevent chipping. Don't feel dumb at all, I'm here to help!

    2. Ooh thanks so much! I'm still really new at this :) Thank you!

    3. You are very welcome! Hope I helped!

  3. I am so in love with this. Godiva is the one I got and it is just amazing. I feel like the beach is sitting on my hands. I love the look of London too, very cool.

  4. Nyx and Vespa are my faves but they all look great on you!

  5. I am in love with these nail polishes!

  6. This collection is gorgeous +.+

  7. These are amazing! I love London!


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