February 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 29 - Inspired By The Supernatural

If you're wondering why this post is coming later than usual, you aren't going to believe what happened - I was abducted by aliens! They told me they came to Earth to learn the fine skill of nail art, and heard I was the lady they needed to see! Luckily, I was able to escape from their supernatural grips and return home just in time to paint their portraits for today's nail art challenge! Boy am I glad to be free!

I advise you all to be on the lookout and if any of you run in to these four characters, you'd better run! You just might be next on their list of abduction targets!



  1. That's hilarious and adorable-I love the green guy's wonky eyes!

    1. HAHA! Thanks, I think the green guy is my favorite too! He might be wonky, but he sure was strong! I didn't know if I'd ever escape his grip! ;)

  2. Oh so adorable!!! I love the purple one!


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