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Friday, January 25, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 05: Blue

My Balloon Gone Wild

I felt like today's theme needed a little bit of extra oomph after yesterday's plain colored mani, so here we are with my balloon in the sky look.

I started by painting all the nails with a Orly - Snowcone. After they were dry to the touch, I sponged on a few white clouds using China Glaze -Snow, and added the red balloon and black string with a bit of acrylic paint I had lying around.

As you can see, I need quite a bit of practice with my brushwork. Let's just use our imaginations and pretend it's not all funky looking, alright? Pretty please?

Red balloon
Red balloon
Polishes used: Orly-Snowcone, China Glaze-Snow
To give you a few different views of the colors, the first picture was taken outdoors in direct sunlight and picture two was taken indoors.

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