December 31, 2014

Blue and Silver Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Blue and silver glitter gradient by @unitedinbeauty
Omg, WHAT? New Years Eve BONUS POST! Bet you never saw this comin' did you?! I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve now and again. ;) So, in typical fashion if you know me at all you know that I just couldn't ring in the new year without bling and glitter all over my fingertips and hence here we are again!
Blue and silver glitter gradient by @unitedinbeauty
As you may have guessed, the gorgeous blue polish is still Gilty Girl's Brilliant. This polish has been putting in work lately, I've used it so many times since I got it! For the bling, I created the glitter gradient by using a sparkly little gem of a polish called Frost Yourself that I picked up from Icing in the mall. To create the gradient, use the nail polish brush to apply the glitter at the base of the nails, then drag it lightly towards the tips. It's one of my favorite ways to fancy up a manicure because it's so quick and easy! There we have it folks, that's a wrap on 2014! See you on the other side!

Do you have any New Years Eve traditions that you like to follow? I'm off to the casino tonight, wish me luck! I'll need it!

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