December 29, 2014

Neon Barbie Pink Manicure With Accent Nail Strip

Neon Barbie Pink Nails by @UnitedinBeauty
I wasn't planning on doing another manicure this week, but I got a few gorgeous polishes from Gilty Girl in the mail earlier this week (more on that and swatches are coming in a few days) and as soon as I saw it I was just dying to get this neon hot pink color on my nails. I just couldn't resist! I've also been itching to try out my really cute nail strips I got from OMGNailStrips (review on these coming too!), so I was super excited when I put them next to each other and noticed that the two pinks were almost a perfect match!
Neon Barbie Pink Nails by @UnitedinBeauty
Polishes Used: Gilty Girl Cosmetics - Bad Baby, OMG NailStrips, Seche Vite Topcoat
My camera went all kinds of crazy trying to capture the ultimate neonness of this polish! I'd have to say that the 1st picture is very close to the true color in real life. I love how bright and shiny it is, and the pink, black and white newspaper nail strip ended up making the perfect accent nail.

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