May 2, 2013

ASP Quick Dip Acrylic Kit Review

Even though I have been rockin' my natural nails for many many years now, I got a wee bit of a bee in my bonnet yesterday and decided that I would like to try doing my own acrylic overlays. Easier said than done. After some extensive research which consisted of about 8 minutes of watching YouTube videos, I headed over to my local Sally's.

After some deliberation, I decided that I was going home with this $15 ASP Quick Dip Acrylic Kit. The point of the kit is that it is designed to be easy for beginners since it requires no molding  of the acrylic powder. The instructions state to simply apply a thin layer of glue, dip your finger into the powder, and finish with a spray of the acrylic cure.
. ASP Quick Dip Acrylic Kit
Try it, they say. It'll be fun, they say...
I have to admit, after trying the kit out, I feel like the claim the box made that a full set can be completed in under 25 minutes was a little bit ambitious. Granted that it was my first time, I found the entire process to take close to an hour.  

For a first timer, it was also quite a messy process for me.  I learned as I went along that I had better luck just ignoring the specific instructions that came in the kit and just doing my own thing. The guide says to apply several layers of the glue and powder, but I did best with just 1-2. Also, I lightly tapped the powder down with my finger after dipping. When I didn't, I found the result to be very bumpy.
Naked Nails
While this is not the best quality, I happened to have snapped this cell phone picture the other day of my naked nails to give you an idea of my starting point.
Acrylic nails with french manicure
I think that with a little bit of practice, this kit could be very useful for a quick set of nails.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 GlamourGals



  1. How long did the nails last? I tried the as lightness gel kit and they pop off the next day


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